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Our work is grounded in anti-oppression and informed by values of care, emergence, openness, and play.


We center what and who we care about, meeting people where they’re at and facilitating sensitive conversations. We hold emotional labor and care work in high regard, recognizing that it is often invisible and performed by the most marginalized members of our communities.


We make room for productive conflicts and insights to emerge while staying accountable to specific goals that reflect a commitment to equity. We are transparent about methodology and readily exercise flexibility in adapting our approaches to the needs of those we work with. We align ourselves with emergent strategists.


We like to share in the process and the product: open-source and open-hearted. We cultivate environments that hold different perspectives and we strive to operate with the courage to stay open to opportunities for our own personal growth and learning.


The weight of the work needed to repair and mitigate harms and safeguard rights is a lot to bear; structural and systemic oppression is so very deep and pervasive. Still, we find and foster pleasurable moments by integrating creative methods that seed participation for many learners.